A lawyer by profession I am an avid traveller, a reader and a dreamer .. Other than tavelling I like cooking and experiment with different cuisines. Though I enjoy my own company … I like meeting people and making friends. Being a girl of a man in uniform I get to live my dream of travelling to unknown places and exploring the untouched and meet interesting people. I wish to give a glimse of what i come across my travels… my fairytales and my experiments with food in my blog.

I am also a skin care freak and I like to look the best for the person in the mirror! 🙂

Hope you will be liking my blogs.. and if you do , dont forget to let me know that you did. A little appreciation is such a morale booster! 😀

You can email me @ preeya.darshini@mistressofspiceandeverytingnice.com

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