When Tengnoupal became my new home!

When Tengnoupal became my new home!

After spending a year in Leh I knew no other place could be more beautiful. The place was heavenly… and I explored it like no one else. ( I shall do a blog on that as soon as I recover my photographs from my corrupt disc 🙁 ). I fell in love with the place and it’s people. And when we got posted to Manipur, I was not very happy as I was aware of militancy that has always been active in this place. And Manipur has never been popular with tourists for the same reason. I knew I would not be able to explore the place the way I wanted to.

I reached here having second thoughts about staying here or taking up some work in a city.

The day I landed Imphal, the city looked deserted… not a soul around the city except for a few cars that came to receive their guests in airport. And tyres burning here and there with people stopping our car and threatening us for being out even though it was a “bandh”. Scary! isn’t it?!

It’s been 10 months since then and I know I am going to miss this place when I will leave. I have seen the place grow in this short span of time and since that day there has never been a “bandh” again. Yes, there has been a incidents but the place has become remarkable tourist friendly and peaceful.

And it was not the capital city that was to be my home but a small place in the hills, very near the Mayanmar border – Tengnoupal. And according to google, this was one of the most beautiful place in Manipur 🙂

It’s a small village in the hills and there is not much to write about it. This beautiful little place is at the highest point of the road between Imphal and Mayanmar. A lovely place for trekking and exploring local villages… These are few snaps from my treks around the beautiful hills —

A view from my window
I caught a shooting star!
The colour of the sky <3
Nearer to Imphal
View from the garden.
Sunset on the way to Imphal
View from the unit
That’s Mayanmar far down there…
The church bell
The dark clouds come roaring
So many funky mushrooms on my way <3
The lush greens take your breath away
The locals here burn down a part of the forest to call the rain Gods and this part of the forest have been making the Gods happy for a while now…
That bed of clouds ! <3
The few perfectly sunny days!

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